Workflow analysis is a process through which processes are examined for efficiency improvements. By improving workflows, your resources are used more efficiently and your staff can work better at higher capacity. These studies are especially relevant in core processes by succession, such as corrugated board manufacturing.

The more agile and efficient your processes are, the lower the cost of each task, time loss or errors. Thanks to our simulation software, we can recreate a digital twin of any factory right down to the smallest detail, and stress the process to find saturation points. Bringing continuous improvement in logistics to Industry 4.0

At Warak we have designed a line of auxiliary board transport equipment to meet these growing needs and prepare board for vertical warehouses. Conveyor belts with open side profiles to allow cleaning underneath the equipment to reduce the risk of fire, presses with cushioning systems, picking trolleys for up to 8 pallets. Equipment to transport cardboard up to 60,000 m2/hour at the output of the corrugator and corresponding delivery to the converter.

Ingeniería carton ondulado

Areas for Improvement

Waste reduction

High-precision load cells and viscometer for increased repeatability of preparations

Process re-engineering

Management of loading and unloading circuits with automatically controlled pneumatic solenoid valves.