Does your company qualify for a vertical warehouse?

Feasability study in 3 weeks

We carry out a viability study based on real production data of your factory, and in 3 weeks we calculate the cost of changing from a horizontal system to vertical storage.

From 50 M m2 produced, our calculations estimate a quick return on your investment. For more details, ask for your feasability report.

vertical storage for corrugated

What is your
opportunity cost?

Reduction of costs and losses

Our calculation is based on the reduction of costs and losses by changing from a traditional flat system to a vertical one.

Ineffective processes cause production costs that increase with production levels. Maintaining a traditional system might be costing your company a lot of money.

Our study will give you details of the quantities and show you how you could improve by switching to a vertical system.



Stock control and planning

Experience has taught us that in addition to reducing costs and losses and safety improvement; real-time stock control has improved our customers' planning and reduced their end customer claims.